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Whilst naturopathic remedies are often prescribed to support your body’s own intelligence on its journey back into balance, equal importance is placed on encouraging self-awareness, self-responsibility and guidance on how you can work with your body in its healing process.


Mental Wellness

Anxiety and depression
Pyrrole disorder and testing
Poor sleep quality
Adrenal fatigue and low energy

Womens Wellness

Salivary hormone testing 
Poly-cystic ovarian syndrome
MTHFR gene 
Thyroid conditions


Holistic ageing 
Genetic testing
Digestive health
Personalised skin prescription  
Personalised vitamin supplement   



DNA nutrition test
Vitamin analysis finger prick 
Dietary and lifestlye analysis  
Personalised vitamin supplements
Weight loss

Skin Health

Salivary hormone testing 
Personalised skin prescription
Accutane withdrawal 
Chemical sensitivity 
Skin concerns  

Gut Health

Parasite and microbiome testing
Food intolerances and sensitivity 
Pyrrole disorder and testing 
Irritable bowel syndrome IBS