Your DNA is not your destiny...

While we are not quite ready to ditch the term anti-ageing, we have redefined it! Wellness trends, technology and genetics are your skins new best friend.

We are no longer fixated with wrinkles – radiant healthy skin is the new measure of youth as we embrace aging. The trend is to take more of a long-term view with a self-care attitude. To consider environmental and lifestyle factors like climate, sun, pollution, diet and stress on skin and the ageing process.

This change may also reflect the holistic approach people are now taking towards health and wellness – with more consideration given to mind, body and soul than just our physical appearance.



By approaching skin from the inside out we can assess and take a closer look at the imbalances in the body, these may include hormones, nutrition, detox pathways, liver function, blood sugar regulation, methylation, genetics, environmental toxins, chemical exposure and lifestyle factors such as alcohol, smoking and exercise.

Do you know your telomeres from your mitochondria? You will soon enough. Advanced research on ageing now makes it possible to understand the science behind living longer and healthier by tapping into the true source of your cells’ vitality—your mitochondria and their decline.

Cassandra’s expertise in natural therapies, herbal medicine, nutrition and the latest medical advances in respect of both diagnosis and treatment in order to reduce the effects and symptoms of ageing in women.



Today’s preventive medicine is based on “predicting to be able to prevent”, thanks to the capacity to identify the genetic factors likely to have a negative impact on your quality of life which may include your ability to absorb nutrients, antioxidant capacity, essential fatty acid capacity and your optimal diet.

I absolutely love what I do and have been looking for a way to reach more women and allow them to take control of their health, fertility and skin for many years.

With a deep understanding of what the skin requires to naturally age and function healthy, incorporating both inner and outer beauty paradigms with the launch of a Natural Clinical and Luxurious line of skincare Ocinium Intelligent Skincare ®.

Cassandra will use her expertise in products, ingredients and dermatology research to personalise the recommendations to your skincare goals or review your existing for contentious ingredients to align to your skins needs and health goals.