Consultation process

Cassandra's consultations are time dependant with initial consultations lasting one hour for individuals. Her follow up appointments are 45 minutes for individuals, however, you will be charged based on the time spent with her. Cassandra is an accredited member of Australian Traditional Medicine Society (ATMS). 

First Steps

Once you have requested your appointment and it has been scheduled, you will be emailed the New Patient Questionnaire. You will need to complete it to bring to your first session. This questionnaire covers your full health picture and will provide much valuable information for discussion during your consultation sessions. 


The initial appointment is structured to understand your health complaints in as much detail as possible. Together you will discuss your health history, and Cassandra will conduct a physical assessment as indicated. She typically refers patients for additional assessments to be conducted between the first and second appointments. Initial treatment recommendations are discussed and the development of your treatment plan and program is organised in this session. This appointment lasts one hour for individuals. 


Your second appointment is typically held 4 weeks after the 1st appointment, to allow any referral for assessment and pathology to be reported. During your second appointment you will review any assessments organised in more detail and fine tune your treatment plan. This session is generally where treatment truly begins and you will begin to take your first few steps towards a greater level of health and wellbeing. This appointment also lasts one hour for individuals. 


Your follow up appointments from this point are entirely dependant on your presenting health complaint, its duration and identified roadblocks to health. Often Cassandra will see patients more regularly in the initial stages and then appointments are conducted on a monthly basis until your health has stabilised. This appointment lasts 45 minutes for individuals. 


Tuesday 8am - 12pm (Skype or Phone only) 

Wednesday 12-5pm 50 Avenue Rd Mosman NSW 2088

Thursday 12-5pm 129 Crown St Darlinghurst NSW 2010



0402 206 066 


Cassandra has experience and expertise in a wide range of print and electronic media. She is frequently requested for information and quotes by journalists in the health and beauty industry.