Your Path To Health and Wellness

Cassandra Hilton has an interest in complementary health care with a strong focus on western herbal medicine and nutritional medicine. I believe that by combining these approaches you will receive the most appropriate, safe and evidence based treatments available to help you reach your health goals and to experience optimal health, well-being and an increased vitality for life.

Treatment plans focus on the prevention of illness, identifying and treating the cause of illness and supporting the bodies’ natural healing ability.

A diverse range of acute and chronic health conditions can be effectively improved through this approach. This includes conditions of immune dysfunction, adrenal fatigue, mood disorders, autoimmune conditions, digestive disorders, reproductive health, skin conditions, food sensitivities and allergies, mild depression and anxiety, pre natal health care and infertility. Treatment plans can also extend to support general wellness and chronic disease prevention and management.


Cassandra’s areas of interest include childhood conditions, autism spectrum, attention deficit, (ADD / ADHD), pyrrole disorder, autoimmune conditions, digestive health, pre-natal health, infertility, PCOS and endometriosis.

There is no one treatment fits all approach and therefore health plans are individually tailored to achieve your goals.