Natural Fertility Programs

It is now recognised that one in six couples will experience infertility!

While the concept of pre-natal health care has been around for over 2,000 years since the ancient Spartans, Romans and Greeks. The influence of modern lifestyle, diet and environmental toxins have all impacted on a couples ability to conceive and to achieve a successful pregnancy and healthy baby.

Is the pre-natal and natural fertility program right for you?

Offering support to couples seeking to achieve holistic fertility support and a healthy start to their new babies life, our pre-natal health care program is comprehensive in assessment and treatment and aims to provide general fertility, conception and pre-conception care naturally.

The program is beneficial for healthy, fertile couples who want to provide their baby the best possible start to life; for couples who may have difficulty in conceiving, including unexplained fertility; males who may experience low sperm count, motility or poor morphology and DNA fragmentation; or for females with a history of PCOS or Endometriois or MTHFR polymorphism’s or couples undergoing IVF or ART who wish to support the success rate of these procedures.

All programs are comprehensive in assessment and commence four months prior to planned conception. Each program is tailored using natural medicines, dietary and lifestyle changes, environmental assessment, detoxification strategies, nutrition and stress management to optimize the couples health and well-being for the best possible fertility outcomes and for a successful pregnancy and healthy baby. A range of general and functional pathology may be recommended and genetic testing to determine any potential influences on fertility.

Consultations are available in blocks of 4 or 6 consultations to enable consistency of treatment and affordability.

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