Detoxification Programs

In our busy modern world chemical and toxin exposure is very common and are difficult to avoid. Heavy metals, pesticides, synthetic chemicals, food additives, environmental pollutants, phthalates, BPA exposure are increasingly recognised as detrimental to our health with chemical and toxin exposure being linked to many endocrine and fertility disorders. 

It is estimated that the average female is exposed to over 200 chemicals a day, more than double that of men through the use of personal care and skincare product use. Chemicals in cosmetics that were once considered as being safe by the authorities are increasingly being recognised as having long-term detrimental effects at low or even previously untested levels.

Toxins do not only come from our external environment but can also be generated internally by ‘bad’ bacteria, yeasts and parasites in your digestive system. These internally generated toxins are then absorbed into your bloodstream, affecting your health and vitality.

While our body is equipped for adequate natural detoxification process, with such an increasing burden on our digestive systems as a result of our environment, dietary choices and lifestyles, a detoxification program offers the ability to intensely focus and improve your state of digestive functioning for improved health leaving you feeling vibrant and energetic.

Throughout your detoxification process, it is essential that no gluten, yeast, dairy, sugar, caffeine or alcohol be consumed. 

Express Detox Program

If you are generally well and are looking for something to do as an annual or bi-annual ‘spring clean’, you may benefit from the Express Detox Program. This program lasts two weeks and should be enough to get you back on track and feeling great! The Express Detox Program Includes:

  • Your initial consultation prior to commencement
  • A follow up consultation at the conclusion of your program
  • A gastrointestinal detoxification formulation
  • A liver detoxification formulation
  • Dietary guidelines for effective detoxification
  • Lifestyle advice to reduce toxin free burden

Express Detoxification Program Installments of $150 per week for 2 weeks inclusive of consultations and products.

Integrated Detoxification Program

The 6-week Integrated Detoxification Program is the most effective way of giving your body a thorough ‘spring clean’ and get you feeling fantastic again! An integrated approach, the program targets liver detoxification, gut integrity and intestinal flora balance. The Integrated Detoxification Program is a safe, gentle detox program that may help clear your body of accumulated toxins.

The natural supplements used in this program support your body and assist your body to detoxify allowing your body’s detoxification and repair systems to function efficiently through supported gastric functioning, the clearance of bacterial, fungal or parasitic accumulations in the bowel, restoring digestion to an optimal level, the repair of gut integrity, the release of toxic accumulation from the liver and adipose sites and the support of liver and hepatic clearance of toxins and regeneration.

The program is very beneficial for patients that experience digestive disorders, food sensitivities and chronic health states or simply would like a comprehensive detoxification program. The Integrated Detoxification Program Includes:

  • An initial consultation prior to commencement
  • A follow up consultation at day 21 of your detoxification
  • A follow up consultation at the conclusion of your program
  • During each phase of the detoxification you will be prescribed a protocol involving herbs and therapeutic substances specific for the Integrative Detoxification Program
  • Dietary Guidelines and further support material will be provided

Integrated Detoxification Program Instalments of $115 per week for 6 weeks inclusive of consultations and products.

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