Adrenal Fatigue...Just how stressed are you

Stress is all around us, however it is the individual’s response to stress that determines the potential health impact. When the amount of stress exceeds the capacity of the body to overcome the stress as influenced by the functioning of the adrenals, adrenal fatigue occurs.

Adrenal fatigue may be an insidious slow progression that is often not recognised as symptomatic or it may also be precipitated by a rapid single event. As the chronic stress continues with a series of stressful events, the individual progresses to exhaustion that preludes a medical syndrome. While you may be familiar with common emotional or psychological stress an often common overlooked source of stress is the influence of acute or chronic infection, dietary habits, lack of sleep, lack of exercise and alcohol consumption.

The hormones secreted by the adrenals influence all the physiological functions of the body from gastrointestinal function, the utilisation of macronutrients, the conversion of fats and protein for energy, blood sugar regulation, muscle tone, cardiovascular functioning, the distribution of stored fat and the production of sex hormones through and after menopause. The adrenals also have a protective anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidative function to minimise the effects of dietary, pharmaceutical and environmental allergens. With such a vital physiological role in the body, adrenal depletion and fatigue is associated with the development of many chronic health conditions. Support your adrenals and build your resilience to stress.